Signs From The Universe!

So this is something I don’t talk to many people about, usually because I feel like no one will believe me or care about this topic but I wanted to share with you signs the universe has given me so far!

While coming back to Florida from New York by car, I was in the backseat watching YouTube video’s, Mostly astrology, and tarot card readings. One YouTube video after another, I started watching a video on how to get signs from the Universe. It was a woman talking (I forgot what her name was) about her experience and what she did. It’s actually pretty simple! I remember her saying that when she asks the universe for a sign, whether it’s about a person, place or thing ( her’s was about her twin flame), she would ask out loud or write it on a piece of paper. The sign she asked for was balloons of every color, later on that day her daughter asked her to take her to the store because she wanted balloons of EVERY COLOR….

I decided that I wanted to try this! So right then and there I asked the universe:

 “Is ___ meant to be in my life? Is ___ thinking about me as much as I think about them? If so, I would like to see a bright green car drive passed me, Thank you!”

I was just trying this for fun and believed it somewhat but not fully. I was seriously hoping for the sign to show up quickly but nothing happened that day.

A few day’s later, I hung out with my guy friend Gary and when I met up with him, he was wearing a BRIGHT GREEN shirt, later on we start playing video games. He chooses this car racing game, and guess what color the car he chose was??? BRIGHT GREEN! And he could not change the color even if he wanted to for some reason. So, as he was making dinner, I decided to clean up and wash the dishes. I couldn’t find a sponge anywhere and I asked my friend where it was, he says “Under the sink!” I check and I see a blue and purple sponge in a plastic bag, I pick it up and one of the sponges fell out, and guess what color it was?! BRIGHT GREEN! At this point, I’m thinking “Wow! Hmmm I’m seeing so much green today! What a coincidence! Maybe Gary’s favorite color is bright green?! Lol” but it’s not, I asked him and his favorite color is purple! So, let’s go on! As he is cooking, he pulls out a colander from his cabinet and says “I’m so excited to use this for the first time!” Hahahaha………gueessssss whaaaat colorrrrr the colanderrrrr wasssss?!?!?! Guess,  guess!! Did you guess yet?! Oh!! You guessed right! It was BRIGHT GREEN!
There are a couple more signs I have gotten by seeing the person’s name and hearing it often. So weird!

If you have ever asked the universe for Signs and received them, I would love to hear your stories!

Thanks for reading! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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